The beautiful intersectionality Of African Culture with Personal Finance

  • Should I work here, live here and start my life here? Mhmm, in that case do I spend my finite resources here or send them home?
  • Long term goals and my immediate bliss, when did I start mixing them?
  • How long should I target to invest for? What will I invest in; social capital, passion projects, businesses or self investment? What has more value for me at this point and a year or two from now?

Experience .

  • Gotta’ get liquid: Having a substantial cash amount to get through the unexpected turn of events.
  • Market opportunities that are unique to your situation. We make friends along the way; connections and communities. We tend to express and exchange ideas with our social networks. They in turn help us find purpose and avenues of revenue that a market place may need or that a market place we are situated in has better facility for.
  • A long term ‘attainable’ investment plan: Understanding assets with value and risk you are willing to bet on is an important step for anyone. Considering items of value tailored for one’s unique life journey that is available when important the milestones in one’s life come up.




Fintech || Immigration || Relocation

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African Millennial Concepts

African Millennial Concepts

Fintech || Immigration || Relocation

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