Relocating: Timing things around COVID-19

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3 min readAug 15, 2020
Woman wearing face mask from Venture County Star

The news of a virus, similar in symptoms to SARS was spreading fast. I’m from a developing 3rd world country, so spreading fast means; there’s a news broadcaster reporting on the issue, but thats all we got. It’s business as usual, everybody needs to eat.

Just as the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared coronavirus a global pandemic; it was my birthday, and I had just moved to this vibrant, liberal town to the south of London.

I’m a Millennial; the strand of them that take challenges, setbacks and failures as learning points, corrections and opportunities to do better.

To the disappointment of my new exciting chapter, there was a government declaration for LOCKDOWN.

Travelling around during Lockdown

I’m going to give you a list of 5 limitations, good decisions and unprecedented considerations that I should have taken into consideration:

  1. Immediate accommodation arrangements: I have been extremely fortunate with the support received from the company that took me on as a new hire. With that there was a time crunch to find a place once their generosity had reached its limit. One of the things I clearly was not well equipped to manage was my own accommodation hunting and bills.
  2. Being kind to myself and others: The Brits are actually really nice. However, not taking the time to stop, breathe and acknowledge my situation and be okay with the restrain it put on my social engagement, work-life balance and perspective, led to a deflective attitude towards the country. Imagine, a whole country against me.
  3. Patience for Process: The mentality from one system of government system to another has a lot of unlearning and stepping back to be done. Systems are different, the level of security in the United Kingdom around data and accessibility is a wonder in itself. However, lack of investment in technology scaling and security left a number of companies unprepared. The impact of the lockdown exposed to me the speed of these systems and vulnerabilities which was a good and bad life lesson for me.
  4. Money management: One thing I will always believe is the fact that;

Money touches people differently

That being said, being wiry of people’s intentions, agenda’s and alike is undoubtably hard to discern when you move. Regardless of how much preparation efforts and self assurance you have.

LOCKDOWN resembles tales I was told when basic resources were scarce post independence of my country. People lining up to enter and use facilities due to a lack of them, even in central urban areas.

The easing of restriction post LOCKDOWN with businesses following social distancing regulations is a marvel I will tell my children about. So they can wonder whether tales or reality and life and our journey as a human race is as big and impactful to every single one of us.