An animation download by Jill Franklin for ‘Team catch Flights not Feelings’

User experience(UX) and design are a fundamental component of a product’s success.

Making a lasting impression once in the consumer’s hands and then capitalising on the consumer’s experience is an essential part of customer retention for any service provider.

With that said, could the same principles be used to make…

A moving image from “Migration is helping Africa in many ways

Immigration has many layers that have complex factors that are difficult to explain. Breaking them down into one or the other, is hard, and intellectually a challenge for anyone. Not to mention, the relevance and importance of how one factor affects one group over another is a matter of relative…

So Fintech; to be honest; is really just a buzz word about access. Access to financial services that are accessible through technology.

Simple, Right?

If you think about it, providing individuals in an African space with access to financial services is quite frankly an enormous challenge.

If it is not…

African Millennial Concepts

Fintech || Immigration || Relocation

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